Business Agility

Agile is great, but it's a means to an end. We're outcome focussed and framework agnostic.

Expert Trainers

Those that can't do, teach? Wrong. Our team are actively coaching and consulting for some of the top firms.

Certified Courses

It's nice to get a globally recognised certification, that's why we are an accredited IC Agile partner.

Scalable Training

We can train in-person (our favourite), remote or self-paced through our innovate app.

Certified Agile Training that gets you flying

Every team and organisation is unique and there's no one-size-fits-all training program. Talk to us today and we'll discuss which training could power up your people.

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Plan Learning Journey

We start by mapping out who your training and what their path looks like


Deliver Training

We deliver certified training in person, remote or via our innovate self-paced app


Ongoing coaching

Access our team through our app for follow-up and questions as you practice

Go at your own pace with our Learning App

Training can be accessed on our learning experience app, so your team progress through learning in their own time with remote guidance from trainers.

  • Optimised for maximum learning retention
  • In-app support from Agile Avengers tutors
  • Track progress and learner engagement
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agile certification to power up your team

learning journeys that develop heroes

Agile Avengers designs Training that empowers transformation

We know that training alongside coaching is the best way to embed new ways of working. We work with our clients to ensure our training builds on existing efforts.

Certified Agile Training that boosts productivity

Organisations that invest in Agile training see an average return on investment of $2.97 for every $1 spent on training

  • Reduction in product & project delivery times
  • Increase in team engagement
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Certified Agile Training that boosts outcomes

Companies experience an average of 60% growth in revenue and profit after adopting Agile ways of working

  • Mindset shift to outcomes over outputs
  • Prioritisation tools & techniques that enable focus
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Certified Agile Training that Boosts happiness

88% of international workers and professionals believe Agile ways of working improves their quality of life.

  • Autonomy, mastery and purpose at the core
  • The way of working for the modern organisation
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Choose from a range of IC Agile Certifications

We are an accredited IC Agile partner, meaning our training can be delivered with a globally recognised certification. Here's some popular IC Agile certifications we offer:

Agile Fundamentals
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Business Agility Foundations
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Agile Team Facilitation
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Enterprise Agile Coaching
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Agile Product Ownership
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Agile Project and Delivery Management
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Agility in HR
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What our customers said

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Savannah Nguyen
Agile CoE Lead

"The IC Agile course provided a robust framework to upskill our Scrum Masters. Post-training, their facilitation skills and risk management improved significantly. Highly recommended for enhancing Scrum Master capabilities."

Ronald Richards
Chief Operating Officer

"Investing in the Agile Avengers training transformed our operations, making us more responsive to market changes. The course was engaging and practical. A must for businesses in today’s fast-paced environment"

Cameron Williamson
Chief Product Owner

"The self-paced training was a revelation. It enhanced our understanding of business agility and up-skilled our Product Owners and teams fast. A must for teams looking to improve their agile practices"

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